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Engr Rex Ome


A graduate of Petroleum engineering university of Benin, holds a Master’s of science in Petroleum Geosciences, Institute of Petroleum Studies, Centre for petroleum Geosciences, University of Port Harcourt and currently a PhD Researcher in View from University of Port Harcourt.

Started my career in 2011, as a trainee petroleum and well test Engineer, before embarking on a Master’s degree in petroleum Geosciences(institute of Petroleum Geoscience(IPS) through Scholarship support from Petroleum Technology development Fund 2013,returned to active subsurface studies and petroleum engineering duties upon my resumption with MoniPulo Petroleum Development Limited2.

Supported my team for possible water production control measures and interventions for wells in Abana field.

Got engaged by Schneider and Schroeder solution Limited , as  Petroleum and Reservoir Engineer ,worked on several asset including OML 42(JONES CREEK,BATAN,ODIDI),OML24(NEWCROSS PETROLEUM), Before Joining Spectral and Dotech Energy Solution Limited as a Reservoir engineer and well testing Engineer ,worked on field development, well production system modelling of several assets for the just concluded marginal field assets in 2020 on the following assets, Egbolom (Oml 23),EDE field(oml67),Abiala(OML 40),Olua field(OML 25).

Supported Broadlog for the interpretation of well test data in IBIGWE (Walter-smith), UZERE EAST (NPDC)

Have interpreted several well test data sets for the Niger Delta (70 Wells) from pressure transient analysis, auxiliary test, interference test.

I have also provided support in areas relating Geomechanical modelling and evaluation, pore pressure analysis and sand production prediction and management.

My areas of interest include, Reservoir Engineering, Formation Evaluation, sand production monitoring, well production system modelling, pore and fracture gradient modelling and Geomechanical evaluation.

Expert level usage in the following tools for field development and production monitoring they include (eclipse, MBAL, PROSPER, GAP, MONTE CARLO SIMULATOR, SAPHIR)